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About Us

First Choice Energy Services specializes in operating advanced flowback equipment and offers a variety of production testing and flowback services throughout the U.S.

Flowback Service

We supply the most convenient packages in the USA Rocky Mountain region. We strive on the most highly trained people in the industry and it is through our people that we are able to maintain a product that we can consider head and shoulders above the rest.

Trucking Services

We believe that a quality product speaks for itself. In order to provide sthe best possible service quality, we believe all equipment should have dedicated crews.

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When it comes to the environment, as in all aspects of our business, FIRST CHOICE ENERGY SERVICES is committed to doing things the right way. Sustainability lies in the enduring nature of our values and the objectives of our mission. We will always act with integrity, respect towards protecting the environment, and serving our communities while being mindful of the safety and health of those around us.